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Joining PIPR

What is PIPR?
The Pig Industry Professional Register (PIPR) is the pig industry’s way of providing independent recognition of the professionalism and development of staff within the industry, both in practical production and as advisors/consultants. It is a voluntary scheme, which has been developed by the industry to work for the industry.

What are the aims of PIPR?
PIPR aims to:
  • encourage people to develop themselves and their abilities
  • formally record, recognise and reward the huge amount of training and development that already occurs but often goes unrecognised
  • encourage progression within the industry either by improving in current role of moving onwards
What are the benefits of membership?
PIPR has been set up so that it will:
  • promote an improved and professional image of the pig  industry
  • recognise formal skills/training and the importance of experience, practical development and other learning opportunities
  • establish an independent record of skill making it easier for staff to progress
  • promote a clearer image of personal development for new recruits
  • develop well deserved respect for the progressive members of the pig industry
  • raise productivity and profitability
  • provide a positive response to animal welfare, environmental management and bio security issues
  • raise self-esteem and confidence in the workforce
  • ease recruitment issues
How do I join the scheme?

Online applications can be made  by clicking Join Now on the home page, completing the online form and making payment by debit/credit card. Online registration is not currently available for those wishing to join as a ‘New Entrant’.

An application form can also be downloaded from the link below.

Application Form

What is a New Entrant member and how do I qualify for this category?
The New Entrant category is applicable only for those in full time post 16 education, registered on an industry related course or has started working full time in the pig industry within the last 12 months; (a letter of employment confirming your position and date of employment must be provided to waive the annual membership fee). Members are entitled to stay in this category for a maximum of 3 years; after this time members must either join the scheme in full or leave the register

The annual fee for members in this category is waived; however the £6 registration fee still applies.

How long does membership last?
A membership term runs for three years from the initial joining date to the scheme. Payment can be made on an annual or three year basis.

How much does membership cost?
There is a registration fee of £6 for all new members and either an annual fee of £20 per year or £51 if paying for 3 years.

If joining in the New Entrant category the annual fee is waived, but the £6 registration still applies.

What do I receive when I join?
New members are issued with a membership folder which contains information relating to the scheme and a membership ID card with receipt of payment. They will also receive vet meeting record forms, farm assurance record forms, terms and conditions, code of conduct and disputes and appeals procedure.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?
Memberships are not transferable from one member to another. Each member must join separately and will be issued with their own unique membership number.

Collecting CPD

For more information on ways in which to collect CPD please refer to the CPD section of the website.

What are the scheme requirements?
Members are required to collect a minimum of 60 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from ‘registered activities’ over a three year period, from the date of registration. More information can be found in the CPD section.

When do I have to collect CPD points?
Members may collect CPD points at any stage throughout the three year membership term. Ideally members should achieve their points with an even distribution across each of the three years, to truly reflect ‘continuing professional development’. However, it will be equally valid to get all points in a single year.

The achievement of CPD points by individual members will be monitored throughout their membership and members will receive a CPD point’s statement with their payment renewal reminders. Alternatively, members can view their CPD points online if they have registered an email address with us via the ‘Secure Login’ area.

How do I prove attendance at shows/events to qualify for points?
All shows and training events eligible for CPD points will be issued with a PIPR reference number and will have an attendance register for you to sign, with your membership number.  Once the attendance register is returned to us (we ask for them to be sent to us as soon as the event or show has taken place) we can then input membership numbers onto records so that member’s CPD statements are updated.

What if I collect more points that I need?
If you collect more than 60 CPD points a maximum of 10 will be carried over into the next term.  They will appear in the subsequent term as ‘carried forward’ points on your CPD statement.

What happens if I don’t achieve the required number of points?
Members that fail to achieve the required 60 points will initially be suspended for 90 days; this suspension period will provide members with a chance to achieve the shortfall of points. If after the 90 days the required points have still not been achieved the membership will be cancelled. Once cancelled a member cannot re-join the scheme for a minimum of 12 months from the date of cancellation.

Secure Login

What is the ‘Secure Login’ Area?
The ‘Secure Login’ area is available for members and employers users to check CPD statements and make payments when due. In order to access this area we must hold a valid email address for the member, employer or farm assurance user. To login for the first time simply click the ‘Password Reminder’ button and enter your email address. A secure password will be emailed to you to allow you to login.

I have entered my email address and clicked ‘Password Reminder’ but I have not received my password login details. What is the problem?
It is likely that we do not hold a current email address against your member/employer record. Please contact PIPR to ensure we have your correct email address.

How secure is the online payment system?
All transactions are performed on a secure web server. We use SSL encryption software to keep the details of your order and credit/debit card information secure. All of the information you provide is encrypted so that none of your details can be read in the secure line between your computer and our processing department. After processing, your details are held in our subscription system which is a completely separate area, unlinked and away from our internet pages.

Email Reminders

Can I receive payment reminders via email?
The ability to receive payments reminders via email (rather than by post) is now available. In order to do this it is vital that we have the correct email address (if your employer pays for you we need to have their email address recorded against their employer record).

If you would like to confirm your correct email address, please contact PIPR to ensure we have your correct email address.

Membership Guidelines

What are the professional standards expected of PIPR members?

In order to ensure the reputation and credibility of PIPR it is essential for members to adhere to ethical and operational standards. These are contained in the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

What are the terms and conditions of the scheme?

The Terms and Conditions of the scheme can be accessed here.

Terms and Conditions

How can I appeal against decisions made by PIPR/City & Guilds?
Where a decision or action taken by the staff or administrators of the register is challenged and cannot be resolved amicably between the Scheme Administrator and the Complainant an Appeal may be escalated following the Disputes and Appeals Procedure.


Disputes and Appeals

Running PIPR Registered Training Events

I am a training provider/event organiser, how do I apply for PIPR points for an event?
Please complete an event application form and return to the PIPR Support Team. 

Event Application Form

Please provide as much information as possible when completing the application form. The more information you include the better the chance of claiming more points for your event. Providing a copy of the course syllabus, programme or other relevant information is also helpful. Please send application forms at least two weeks prior to the event date to ensure applications can be processed in good time.   

Is there a cost to register an event?
There is no charge to register your event for PIPR CPD points.

What type of events can be registered?
All events are allocated points on an individual basis. For an event to receive points, you need to demonstrate that there is a clear opportunity for knowledge transfer or skills improvement by attending the event.   

What happens next?   
Once the event has been accepted, you will be notified of the number of points your course has been allocated and an attendance register will be sent out to you (by email). The register must be completed by all attendees and returned to the PIPR Support Team by you. Members will not receive points until the register is returned.  


Here are quick links to the most frequently used forms:

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